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Bead Industries, Inc. : Women in Manufacturing (WiM) Executive Group Tour

Bead Industries, Inc. : Women in Manufacturing (WiM) Executive Group Tour

This year, Bead will host members of the Women in Manufacturing (WiM) Executive Networking Group from across the country. Members will take a facility tour followed by lunch and networking.

Bead Industries is comprised of two divisions: Bead Chain and Bead Electronics, and a wholly-owned subsidiary, McGuire Mfg. Company.

Founded in 1914, Bead Industries developed and manufactured Bead Chain® for electric light pulls. Using the same innovative metal-working process, it fabricated products for the electronics market in the mid-1920s. McGuire, one of Bead’s loyal customers, was acquired in 1972.

Bead Electronics manufactures end to end, wire, and tubular contact pins for the telecom, automotive, connector, and lighting industries. These custom components are cost-effective and can be made in as little as two weeks.

Bead Chain has supplied authentic Bead Chain® since 1914. Bead Chain® is used on vertical blinds, securing marine parts, key chains and many other products.

McGuire Manufacturing Co. is a producer of high end, commercial grade plumbing fixture trim.