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NX University 2023

NX University 2023

Spend a day with Swoosh’s technical experts at NX University 2023! Our team will be diving into new NX Siemens software features and more.

NX University is a full day of Swoosh + Siemens training in design and manufacturing, specifically for the NX User. With its new and improved roots beginning back in 2017, it was once known as Siemens User Groups. Over time, Swoosh decided to take the events a few steps even further to ensure our direct customers were being taken care of. With the help of our team of application engineer experts in Siemens NX online training, the team sets out for national events on an annual basis. While exploring different cities and networking with NX Siemens software communities, our team dives deep into the ins and outs of Siemens online technology features, updates, and more.

These events begin with complimentary breakfast while checking in, then move into a General Session full of insightful Siemens online technology presentations. After the morning has concluded, attendees break for lunch (on us, too!) where they can have meaningful conversations with one another and our team members that are available. At the end of lunch, the day will conclude with presentation-based or hands-on breakout sessions where users can choose between simply listening to tips and tricks, or getting hands-on with real-time demonstrations on specific software processes. For the last hurrah, we’ll spin a randomized wheel where winners will be chosen to receive one of our awesome prizes available – one of the most fun and intense parts of the day! Join us this fall as we prepare for yet another round, all catered to your needs. We hope to see you there!


8:00 AM – Sign-In & Breakfast

8:30 AM – Welcome

8:45 AM – What’s New in NX Design

9:30 AM – What’s New in NX Manufacturing

10:15 AM – Break

10:30 AM – Model-Based Definition & PMI

11:15 AM – Digital Thread

12:00 PM – Lunch

12:30 PM – Expert Q&A with the Swoosh NX-Perts

1:00 PM – 4:00 PM – Breakout Rooms – Presentation Based or Hands-on

4:00 PM – Closing Remarks & Prizes