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Project Engineer EE

Ashcroft Inc.

Stratford, CT

Job Details

Job Type: Full-time
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  • S. Degree in Electrical Engineering combined with a minimum of three to five years’ experience in design of electronic products and manufacturing engineering related experience. MSEE a plus
  • Background in both analog and digital circuit design is required along with experience in the use of micro-processors, micro-controllers. Must have a strong ability to think critically and troubleshoot.
  • Proven track record of demonstrated creativity and accomplishment, including previous project management experience in product development (scheduling, budgeting, costing, etc.).
  • Working knowledge in programming micro-processors in assembly language or higher level languages such as C.
  • Capable of designing circuits with industry standard Serial and Parallel communication systems utilizing various standard protocols.
  • Experience with electronic communication hardware, software and wireless. Experience with meeting radiated and conducted noise effects (RFI/EMI) and methods of minimizing their effects on electronic products and CE, FM and other agency approvals desirable
  • Knowledge of various sensor technologies along with experience in electro-mechanical packaging, desirable.
  • Capable of programming in higher level languages such as C# and Visual Basic for both firmware and software development, preferred

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Plan, analyze and complete projects in the following areas,

  1. New electronic product development for general application;
  2. Product redesigns for improvement cost reduction, and /or specific applications.
  3. Analysis and debug of product performance issues related to the circuit.

Implementation of component change in the case of part obsolescence or supply chain shortages.


    The possible levels of authority are identified as follows:

(A)     Makes decision and implements appropriate action.

(B)     Makes decision and informs supervisor of action taken.

(C)     Makes decision and obtains concurrence of supervisor before taking action.

(D)     Provides information for supervisor’s decision and action.


Originate Proposals for new products and cost reductions and improvements of existing products.
Assess the technical feasibility and manufacturability of product proposals.
Develop project objectives in terms of product specifications, schedules, and project expenditures.
Participate in project team activities such as manufacturing, quality assurance, manufacturing engineering and marketing to meet specific project objectives.


Develop project status reports and communicate to Operations management.
Prepare preliminary concepts, and evaluate prototype circuits and request patent searches when applicable.
Assist and oversee the pilot run and initial production start-up of new products.


Monitor the performance of assigned technical support.
Conduct field trips to key customers to resolve problems and to gather information for product development.
Analyze product failures and customer complaints and take corrective action.
Select consultants and outside services for specific functions during product development projects.

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