Job Details

CNC Programmer/Operator


Job Details

Job Type: Full-time
Number of hires for this role


  1. High School diploma and/or Trade School Diploma
  2. Excellent communication skills
  3. Excellent mathematical skills
  4. Previous experience with CNC
  5. Ability to learn new ways of craftsmanship
  6. Ability to problem solve
  7. Ability to read blueprints
  8. Ability to work with multiple machines – CNC Lathes, Milling Centers
  9. OJT

Job Benefits

Full Job Description

Representative Responsibilities: 

  1. Understand quality procedures and job description
  2. Read & understand customer B/P and job traveler
  3. Create programs for CNC Milling Centers and CNC Lathes
  4. Create methods for manufacturing for CNC designed parts
  5. Set up CNC machinery
  6. Maintenance of CNC tools
  7. Preservation of CNC tools
  8. Design layouts
  9. Use quality equipment to verify precision of tools
  10. Upkeep of CNC machinery
  11. Review blueprints revisions
  12. Review part methods revisions
  13. Change methods as required
  14. Help assist in solving manufacturing problems
  15. General housekeeping

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